Monday, July 11, 2011

Native Americans

A while back I punched some holes in some watercolor paper and tied them together with ribbon. I had planned on making something specific out of it but it didn't feel right, so I was waiting for the right feeling. I was slopping some paint on the front, just to get rid of the white page scaredyness and now I know what the journal will be for. I'm going with a theme, Native American Indians. I have some Indian in my blood, but it's only a little, and I don't know from which tribe. So maybe I'll just kinda research it up a bit and see what I find and what inspires me to art and write about. I love the traditions and spirituality and culture of Native Americans. I also work on a reservation right now. I find it interesting that I live in the US, in NV, but I work in a different country technically. Very fascinating stuff, for srs~!

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