Friday, July 22, 2011

I'm going Art crazy!

I've been working on several projects over the past week. I can't stop thinking about art. Creating things. Journaling. Crochet. Macrame. Painting.

I want to make some mixed media paintings to put up around my apartment, to be all decorative and stuff. Take down my random junk I have on the walls, and actually have some nice decoration, that I created myself.

For the elements class, I haven't been really feeling the Air week nearly as much as I was into the Earth week. I am an Earthy girl. Air is important to me too, but for some reason I just didn't click with it nearly as much artistically speaking. I *am* *so* *much* looking forward to Water week! I am going to take my journal down to the river and hopefully I can get my favorite spot if no one is there. I can go early in the morning before people take my favorite spot. Stick my feet in the water and write. Draw. Etc. That will be so freakin' amazing!

I want to sell bracelets and keychains that I've been making. Mostly gay pride stuff. I could do hair ties, too. Nothing too time consuming though. I seem to be really... I don't want to say unfocused, because that's not really right. I am highly extremely focused on things, but so many things at once, that I am flopping around from one task or project to another. Knitting and crochet and stuff that are bigger projects are things that I like to be able to take larger chunks of time to do. If I'm constantly stopping and starting on those, I make a lot more mistakes in the piece and then it looks crappy. So I'm gonna stick to small thingies for now.

That's one thing I love about my art journaling and mixed media stuff: I can do a little bit at a time and come back later. I can freely hop between many projects. This makes me happy :D

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